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“I believe Mansfield has the potential to become one of the best small towns in Arkansas.”
Mayor - Larry Austin

Why Mansfield, Arkansas?

Mansfield is a small town with lots of potential. You can find most items you would find in a big city such as restaurants, shopping, parks, and more.

Real estate

Property can be purchased at a fraction of other nearby cities making it a great place to buy your dream home. There are many homes, apartments, and duplexes available for rent, also.


Mansfield is a short 30 minute drive from the 2nd largest city (Fort Smith) in Arkansas.


Mansfield has one of the best schools around. A new High School with positive academic results, state of the art athletic facilities, and some of the best teachers available.

Welcome To Mansfield, Arkansas


Saturday October 2nd, 2015 - Downtown Mansfield there will be a llama showing at the Gazebo area. Take yourself and/or your kids and let them learn more about these unique animals.

Extended Farmers Market & Bluegrass Festival - September 26th




We will start September 26th off at 7am with an EXPANDED Farmers Market. We will have a section for vendors to setup with Antiques, Flea Market Finds, Business' Promotions etc... This has endless amounts of opportunity for everyone! There will also be some fun and other items!

Then, at 11am we will transition down to the City Lake for Music, Food and more fun! This is the annual Dixie Theater Bluegrass Festival Fundraiser!
Come back for more details soon!

Concealed Carry Class - Saturday, July 11 @ 8am

A concealed carry class will be held at Mansfield City Hall on Saturday July 11th @ 8am. For more information call: 479-252-2881

Farmers Market - "GOING ON NOW!"

Saturday June 6th hosted the first of what is hopefully years to come of a successful "Farmers Market". With the ability to engage the community and draw people to the downtown area being the primary goal. Mansfield has a rich community history and this Farmers Market will just make it that much better. The Market is FREE to vendors to setup as show off their skills and talents. The first market hosted a number of unique items for sale. From homemade Goat Milk Soap, Produce, Flowers, Fruit, Fresh off the Farm Pork, to unique handcrafted items to just name a few. We look forward to seeing you every Saturday, downtown Mansfield.

The Farmers Market is open at 7am every Saturday morning!